Mrs. Tarron - Librarian

Using the RU Library Catalog with AR Titles and Reading Levels from Your Home!

Dear Parents,
     You are ALWAYS welcome to come by and visit our media center anytime 
you're in the building.  There are lots of books to "check-out".  If we can 
be of any help, or answer your questions, please let us know!
     Due to a generaous grant from the Deer Creek Foundation, Rose Union is 
due to update our A.R. system to A.R. Enterprise in the near future.  When 
that happens, I will be updating much of the following information!
student, may access the Rose Union Library Catalog database, called "Destiny" 
by going to on the internet.  Then click 
on DEER CREEK ROSE UNION LIBRARY.  This is the same catalog our students use 
in our school library to look-up books.  All 1-5 graders are instructed on 
how to use it.  
     Begin by selecting "CATALOG" from the menu bar at the top.  Usually the 
1st and 2nd grade students like to use the "picture" catalog.  It can be 
accessed by clicking on the "VISUAL" button on the upper right-hand side of 
the catalog home page.  Or students may search by keyword, title, author 
(last name first), subject, or series on the BASIC catalog.
      To seach by your student's AR reading range, it is VERY IMPORTANT to 
skip the first four lines (location, material type, reading level-NOT AR, and 
interest level) under "NARROW YOUR SEARCH:" in the green strip. Go down to 
the bottom line where it says "READING PROGRAMS".  Click the arrow next 
to "Unlimited" and then click on "Accelerated Reader".  This will bring up 
blanks for you to fill-in with your child's reading range.  If you make the 
range too narrow, you won't find many books!  For example, if your child has 
been given a reading level of 3.3, you should type in a range of at least 2.9-
3.7 to locate a good selection of books.  You may also wish to specify the AR 
point value of the books you're searching for by changing the bottom boxes, 
although this isn't necessary for searching.
     After your child finds a book of interest, they can tell if it's an 
Accelerated Reader book by looking at the 3rd line under the highlighted 
title.  If it reads:  ACCELERATED READER, we have a quiz for that book.  We 
presently have quizzes for over 95% of our books that have quizzes available!
It will then give the reading level and point value of that book.  The child 
may then click on the book's TITLE or the "DETAILS" button next to the title 
to see the book's summary, and number of pages.  If a book doesn't have the 
ACCELERATED READER line under its highlighted title, there isn't an AR quiz 
for that book available.  The book's "call number" (address) may be found 
next to the little red book icon under the title.  To see if the book is "in" 
or "checked-out", please look to the right-hand side of the page across from 
the title.
     I would suggest you write down the call numbers for the books your child 
is interested in checking-out.  Easy books will have an "E" with the first 
three letters of the author's last name; fiction books will have "Fic" with 
the first three letters of the author's last name; nonfiction books will have 
a Dewey Decimal number and the first three letters of the author's last name; 
and our biographies have a "B" with the first three letters of the famous 
person's last name.  You will also have the ability to print the screen with 
your child's book choices.  If there are certain reading levels you'd like 
your student to stay within, please send the list of titles with them so they 
can bring it to the library when they select books.  We're more than happy to 
help them look-up books on their level here on the library computers, but 
unless their teacher lets them come on the library pass, it's difficult to 
find the time to help all the students when they're here during their 
scheduled library class time use just six computers and check-out books.  
These lists are also excellent to take to the public library as they have 
many of the same books we have here at our Rose Union Media Center.  
     Hopefully these directions will enable you to see what books we have 
that are on your child's reading level and learn what they enjoy reading!  If 
you have any questions, please e-mail: or call me 
at 359-3188-4326.
                                       Cindy Tarron, Media Specialist