Curriculum and Instruction

At Rose Union Elementary we are dedicated to providing each child with opportunities to learn and grow through engaging and meaningful learning experiences.  We utilize the following curriculum, programs, and materials to build the framework for learning and promote academic excellence. 


We want our students to be actively engaged in hands-on and authentic exercises that encourage experiential learning. 





Saxon Phonics (k-1st grade) - This systematic program builds fluency and comprehension skills through the daily, sequential practice of grammatical and phonetic rules, high-frequency words, spelling, alphabetizing, and handwriting.  It provides the foundation for our students to become successful and independent readers. 


Wonders Reading (McMillan, McGraw-Hill) – This is a comprehensive, research-based language arts program that includes an emphasis on the following skills; reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, grammar, and spelling. 


Math Expressions - This program offers a research-based, child centered approach to teaching mathematic concepts to our students.  The program provides a variety of engaging learning experiences through games, cooperative learning activities, problem solving, and daily practice. 


Science Kits - We use science kits from both Delta and Foss to teach science concepts through the discovery and exploration of hands-on learning. 


Social Studies Weekly - A variety of materials are used to teach essential social studies concepts.  Skills are taught through integrated literature, Core Knowledge materials, and textbooks. 





Accelerated Reader (A.R.) – This software is used to build reading fluency and comprehension.  The program is utilized to monitor the progress that students are making through their independent reading practice.  Accelerated Reader encourages our students to be actively involved in goal-setting, and to challenge themselves to become better readers. 


Rocket Math - Math fact tests are leveled and given three times per week to increase fluency and monitor students’ progress with basic computation.


Study Island (3rd) - This is a computer learning system that is used to reinforce essential reading and math skills.





STAR Early Literacy (k-1st) – This assessment tool that is used to measure growth and achievement in the area of reading readiness for our youngest students. 


STAR Reading Assessment (1st-4th) - The STAR reading test is an assessment tool that is administered five times per year and is used to measure achievement and growth in the area of reading. 


STAR Math Assessment (1st-4th) - The STAR math test is an assessment tool that is administered five times per year and is used to measure achievement and growth in the area of math. 


DIBELS Reading and Math Assessment - This diagnostic tool is given three times per year to track students’ progress with reading and math skills. 


Oklahoma State Testing Program - Our students in grades 3-4 take this Oklahoma State Test during the spring semester to assess their understanding of the core curriculum. 


*Progress is also monitored through ongoing, informal observations and assessments.